Monday, July 25, 2011

Small Business Influencer Award

I'm excited to announce that I (David Nilssen) was nominated as a "Small Business Influencer Guru" and voting has begun.  The Gurus nomination category includes mavens, authors, speakers, consultants, advocates, professionals such as lawyers or CPAs.  I'm honored to be nominated amongst amazing business and thought leaders such as Seth Godin and Michael Dell. 

The Small Business Influencer Award is a marathon voting contest! (Extra hard because I'm more of a "sprinter.")  Instead of a select group of people determining who makes the list - the voting public does.  The good news is that as of today, I'm in the #2 spot and only 13 votes behind the leader.  If you would like to help me out - there are many ways you can:

  1. Vote every day!  You can vote one time per day.
  2. Post this link on your facebook and ask people to vote for me:
  3. Tweet the link as well!
  4. Email it to your friends asking them to help.
  5. Pay people on the street to vote using their mobile phones.  Ok, that might be a stretch!  Don't do it - I think it might get me disqualified. :)
This award is great exposure for small business ownership, franchising, entrepreneurship, Ashoka Youth Ventures, the Entrepreneur Organization and of course Guidant.  Thank you for your support!

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